December 19, 2010

to tide you over.

so. no excuses. i have not updated this thing in a while. and i will - over christmas break. there will be annoying haikus for all the days missed, and pictures for all the rest. but, if you're needing something in the meantime, check out my flickr, which is regularly being updated.

and, for all of y'alls who follow my life in other regards, i am pleased to announce two things.

1. The PLAY that i WROTE along with morgan conklin is being performed at my school this weekend. and people seem to like it....maybe because it rocks. oh and the cast and crew are incredible.

2. i will be attending Oberlin College next fall. (AHHHHHHH!!!! yahoooo!!!)

December 08, 2010

november 14th

sunday morning with the family

november 13th

the beautiful game

november 12th

APPLE HAT (sick of looking at me?)

november 11th

sleepymouth (i'm baaaaaaaack)

November 25, 2010

november 10th

for the file

november 9th

teeth a brushin

november 8th

put some new lights up - my room was feeling dreary.

November 07, 2010

november 7th

UGHHH i had such high hopes for this picture, but it became sort of impossible after an hour of staring at it in photoshop. not my best (buuut it looks much better bigger so PLEASE click to enlarge)

november 6th

ode to facebook.

november 5th

here in baltimore they play lacrosse.

november 4th

the contents of my pencil case.

november 3rd

oh, winter skin.

november 2nd

guest room. the test shot turned out better than the rest of the pictures...

november 2nd

betty's got almost as many glamor shots as chuck.